Atlanta is going to the dogs in this “sexy” (Publishers Weekly) story from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Daniels. Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews. I sat in a small, drab office, one of many in the Atlanta chapter of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, and pretended to be Kate. Compre Magic Mourns: A Novella in the World of Kate Daniels (English Edition) de Ilona Andrews na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos .

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Page count is pages divided over twenty-nine chapters with an epilogue. For all the books narration is in the first person and features Kate Daniels as the sole voice. For the most part, ” Magic Strikes ” is self-contained with the majority of subplots resolved by the end of the novel, but the book is the third volume in a planned series with the authors being contracted for seven books, which according to the authors will be enough to tell Kate’s story.

Ilona Andrews has proven that they have gotten klona sure thing with the Kate Daniels “Magic” series after the release of the 2 nd book ” Magic Bites “. In Magic Strikeswe are reintroduced to Kate ‘s world as her mouurns is now much more comfortable financially due to her affiliation with andrewd Order, her status with the Pack and the Beast Lord Curran seem to be on reasonably good terms as well.

With such smooth sailing Kate figures its only time before her past starts intruding on her present. She gets a call from Saiman who tells her that he has something important to her in his custody and it will be crucial that she recover it before he has to take precautionary measures. When she meets Saiman she realizes that he has Derek in his possession who was trying to get passes to the “Midnight Games” a series of supernatural gladiatorial games. Once she absolves Derek of his intrusive mistake with Saimanshe has to partake to Saiman ‘s request and also Derek ‘s which puts her in a very awkward position.


The villains so as to speak in this book are truly frightening and may be connected with Kate ‘s past. Primarily being her relationship with the beast lord as Curran since his ascent to the title of Beast Lord, has forbade any pack member from ever participating in the games.

Thus with such an explosive set up Ilona Andrews begin the third magic book, the pace in this book is tremendous as the story zooms along and the reader is pulled into the plot. The mythological aspect used in this tale is a very clever one and hats off to the writers for utilizing this one.

The interaction and banter with Kate and Curran is an ever present highlight however in this book the rest of the cast is also used prominently and we get a very action packed and character heavy book.

Much of Kate’s past is revealed in this book and it spurs on to a nice resolution and has a tantalizing hook set up for the 4 th book. What differentiates this series for me amidst the many urban fantasies is that the authors have taken care to substantiate their world in small but significant ways.

Magic Mourns

Since I discovered these books a few months ago, I had the pleasure of reading the first 4 back to back and now to lessen the wait for the fifth book, I’ll also be reviewing the novellas associated with this series and here is the first one from an anthology released last year. Andrea has not been able to get much outdoors action due to certain issues which were focused upon in Magic Burns [2 nd Kate Daniels book].

She gets a call from out of town to investigate a three headed dog that seemed to be chasing a Pack animal. She jumps onto this chance and on further investigation it turns out that the creature in question is none other than Ralph [the were-hyena who is smitten by Andrea ]. The reason for him being chased has something to do with his mother Aunt B.

Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews – Must Love Hellhounds

The tale then expounds as to what might andress happening and why a certain three headed dog [whose mythological background you can easily guess] is hell bent upon his stay at a certain place. The mythological aspect discussed in this tale is again a new one.


The authors are doing a swell job of concocting their tales and utilizing different mythos to power their stories and yet developing links to enmesh them cohesively as a part of this series.

This novella serves as a nice sidebar to the Magic series and preferably will have to be read before the 4 th book ” Magic Bleeds ” as some characters and the tale’s ending bears minor ramifications in the next Book. Overall an “A” effort and a story not to be missed by fans of Ilona Andrews.

This will mlurns a series that I will try soon, probably after I’m done with my next batch mzgic Urban Fantasy.

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I’ll be trying Andrews’ On the Edge though in a couple of days, so I’ll see how that goes. I’ll look ajdrews to your thoughts on it. I might give it a try in the upcoming months.

I’ll let you know about the romance aspect. Doing research it seems that even though there’s the love interest angle, it is not a paranormal romance and that the cover really doesn’t do justice for the content of the book. But we’ll see, seems interesting. I mkurns yet to read this series and I’ve had probably about seven people tell me that I must read it, even though I have reservations regarding UF.

I really should get on it. Sarah Thanks, this series is funny and interesting so if you haven’t tried any UF at all, this could be a good beginning. Based on Mougns recommendation I read the first 3 books in this series and really liked them. Interview with David J. Williams by Mihir Wanchoo Some More Upcoming Books that are Awesome: An Interview with Susannah Appelbaum: The Hugo Nominees for Amgic Novel: A Novel of Temeraire” by Nao Tuesday, August 24, Newer Post Older Post Home.

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