Vector Analysis by Klaus Janich and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Vector Analysis by Klaus Janich, Klaus Jhanich. Author Klaus Janich, Klaus Jhanich. Every chapter contains useful exercises for the students. ZENTRALBLATT. – Vector Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by Klaus Janich. ISBN Paperback; Usa: Springer, ;.

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Vector Analysis by Klaus Janich (English) Hardcover Book Free Shipping! | eBay

Description The present book is a marvelous introduction in the modern theory of manifolds and differential forms. The undergraduate student can closely examine tangent spaces, basic concepts of differential forms, integration on manifolds, Stokes theorem, de Rham- cohomology theorem, differential forms on Riema-nnian manifolds, elements of the theory of differential equations on manifolds Laplace-Beltrami operators.

Every chapter contains useful exercises for the students. Classical vector analysis deals with vector fields; the gradient, divergence, and curl operators; line, surface, and volume integrals; and jahich integral theorems of Gauss, Stokes, and Green.


Modern vector analysis distills these into the Cartan calculus and a general form of Stokes’ theorem. This essentially modern text carefully develops vector analysis on manifolds and reinterprets it from the classical viewpoint and with the classical notation for three-dimensional Euclidean space, then analysiss on to introduce de Rham cohomology and Hodge theory.

The material is accessible to an undergraduate student with calculus, linear algebra, and some topology as prerequisites. The many figures, exercises with detailed hints, and tests with answers make this book particularly suitable for anyone studying the subject independently.

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Vector Analysis Undergraduate Texts In Mathematics illustrated edition Edition – 9780387986494

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9780387986494 – Vector Analysis by Klaus Janich

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