THE KAITO VOYAGER-SOLAR & CRANK WEATHER ALERT MULTIBAND RADIO The KA multi-band radio is perfect for emergency situations and is also. Items 1 – 20 of 65 Kaito Voyager Pro KA Digital Solar Dynamo Crank Wind Up AM/FM/LW/SW & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio with Alert, RDS & Smart. Find solutions to your kaito voyager pro ka question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on kaito voyager pro ka related issues.

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Based on a work at swling. With a built in solar panel, hand crank dynamo, multi-function charging capabilities and a wideband radio receiver, the Voyager Pro is complete package ready for camping, natural disasters or just having around the house.

manual book of ka

One of the best features of the KA is its ability to charge it’s internal battery pack from multiple power sources. After the alert is over, the weather band will be turned off automatically.

Please read the manual thoroughly before operating and keep this book in a safe place for future reference. When the battery power is low, the LOW red light is on. You can use any of the Voyager’s functions while it is plugged in and charging. Thank you for purchasing the KA multi-band radio receiver. Is it a clock alarm radio?

When you see this, it is recommended to charge the rechargeable batteries. Join the RadioLabs mailing list: You can also charge the internal rechargeable batteries with this method.


As long as the computer is turned on, it will starts charge your phone.

No problem, pull out the hand crank dynamo, give it a few spins kaigo the radio will come to life, crank it a few more times prro the battery pack will start charging. The SW Index now participates in two affiliate advertising programs with two large retailers that still sell shortwave radios, the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the eBay Partnership, designed to provide a means for sites like ours to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to these retailers of radio products.

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Once you have plugged your phone or other digital device into the USB, vyager turn the crank handle for a few minutes to charge it. We hope you understand, and are grateful for your support. It is more difficult to crank charge these units when the battery is completely dead. Share Click here to check your order status.

A very unique feature of the KA is the direct keypad entry—the only one we know of on a self-powered portable at time of posting. The KA multi-band radio is perfect for emergency situations and is also ideal for anyone who does not have access to a reliable AC power source.

Do not expose to moisture or temperature above F. The max charging time is 6 Hours b Charge Out: When listening to the AM stations, it is better to use it near a window or open space, in order to receive better signals. On the Light Control Panel on the top of the unit, set the light to Q in order to turn on the lamp. Set the power selector to OFF when crank charging the battery. Click here to check your order status.


The lamp will rotate degrees allowing you to tilt it to one of many desired positions.

A great radio for any situation. Use soft cloth to clean the radio.

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The radio will operate best in direct sunlight. When not using the Voyager, you can easily charge the rechargeable batteries to full power by having the unit near a window or in direct sunlight. A comprehensive resource database of all shortwave radios currently in production.

Kaito Voyager KA Radio. The solar panel on the back of the unit rotates a full degrees so you can angle it for optimal charging.

Adorned with a large digital display, digital clock with alarm guarded tuning and volume pdo, a key manual entry pad, a flashlight, a reading light and a chunky casing, the Voyager Pro is a handful of radio goodness. Connect the adaptor to the wall outlet and it will start to charge your cellphone immediately. Select from 3 ways to power your device A.