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Storyteller and a wireless or usb keyboard Ouroboros Lord-Kamina: Casper does anyone here do brazing with mapp gas? Ouroboros probably sirderpalot Lord-Kamina: Storyteller yeah, at that price, Im going to buy stuf for a new workstation Ouroboros Storyteller: Underpowered POS Storyteller and that would mean the tabletneeds to be under water Storyteller further, fuck samsung RoChess Ouroboros, u tell me — http: Storyteller dipfuck Ouroboros u mad bro?

Storyteller yeah fuck you RoChess i’ll never use my surface pro pen, i’m almost tempted to grab a tupperware container Ouroboros shrug, it was a joke anyway Storyteller you wanna hear how I really feel now? It is more comfortable to hold, has an eraser function, and works better than the stylus included with the tablet though that one is fine, this one is better, and worth the money if you use it a lot, as I or9540.

I believe it was in parallel to the speaker. Storyteller its like, its better on everything but the digitizer Lord-Kamina Probably the latter. Satasheet Ouroboros, shows all the tablets it is compatible with i guess they all use wacom tech Lord-Kamina Can’t remember what it actually sounded like though. Ouroboros hm Ouroboros RoChess: Ouroboros just make sure the pen is well sealed, if you do Ouroboros use like 2 ziploc bags RoChess why did u wanted to test this?

RoChess lol, got bad news, i thought adtasheet stylus pen was laying next to me, but it was an eBook stylus pen Yeah but it didn’t work.

Ouroboros also, is the battery good? Ouroboros those lithium cells are hard to measure sirderpalot orly Lord-Kamina This insanity began by me deciding to desolder the contacts and thoroughly clean them before soldering them back. Ouroboros they might read full voltage and be totally dead Lord-Kamina And yeah, I bought them new last week.

Ouroboros ok Ouroboros Lord-Kamina: Lord-Kamina I haven’t seen it working in years. Lord-Kamina It was forgotten at the bottom of dattasheet drawer. Ouroboros got an image of the whole thing? Lord-Kamina Let me get a pi Lord-Kamina c Ouroboros well show the board and pile of compoenents then: Ouroboros although i do need fatasheet phone anyway Hyratel what device are you tearing down, Lord-Kamina? RoChess Ouroboros, Bootcamp ; Ouroboros you mean run android or ios on the x86 tablet? Lord-Kamina Because I wanted to check and clean all connections.

Not gonna be hard to solder back. Lord-Kamina Also, it’s printed on the back of the board. Lord-Kamina No I think that’s just some exposed copper.

All Transistors. Datasheet. Cross Reference Search

RoChess unfortunatly it is one of many projects i am working on, so need to focus more time to get some stuff done Lord-Kamina I’m the poor guy holding that leash btw. I’ll probably meet Shigeru Miyamoto sooner than find a scope. Will upload so you can see tomorrow. Ouroboros it better be fuzzy RoChess Lord-Kamina, can u see it? Lord-Kamina But I have no idea what he selected under “Custom” RoChess roadtrips got me hooked on the crappy but delicious french vanillia cappucino they have at rest areas Lord-Kamina Also tried Jaksta and it’s not picking it up.


Lord-Kamina Here you go. I don’t have IE though. Lord-Kamina I found it in the source. RoChess Lord-Kamina, yeah u got it, watching dog Lord-Kamina But had to run it through an url decode, it was full of escaping backslashes and ugly characters, so hadn’t seen it before. Lord-Kamina Moral of the story: RoChess lol, yup, most dogs are color blind RoChess not so much on all colors, but on a lot of spectrum Lord-Kamina Not actually color blind though.

Lord-Kamina Daltonic is more like it. Ouroboros ehehe Ouroboros it even had a lightbeam finish sensor: Lord-Kamina And I realize that thing tends to happen with cameras. Lord-Kamina But I’ve never really shopped for a camcorder. Lord-Kamina But it’s kind of like when people tell me about their 4k phone with 30MP camera.

Lord-Kamina And I’m likeā€¦ yeah, cool, 4K on 5. And my semi-pro camera is 12MP, I’m fairly sure the phone won’t do better than that. Lord-Kamina of MPs is irrelevant with a shit sensor. I’m talking about screens. RoChess i’m using a Seiki 50″ 4K as monitor, my original idea was to run triple-screen with them, but i was under the impression they were all IPS panels I use p on a 50″ Hahahaha Froggingchan Lord-Kamina: I used to do that: Lord-Kamina It’s a samsung plasma.

Ouroboros yall are still on 4k? Our Pioneer Elite plasma only does i haha timofonic zap0: RoChess nvm, i see ca in comments Ouroboros man, wtf do i have ghosting on this lcd Ouroboros i thought that was only on crts Ouroboros err, not ghosting, burn in RoChess Ouroboros, u been using the white-out again to fix typos?

Ouroboros hehe Ouroboros i was massively addicted to whiteout back in the day Ouroboros but yeah, i have some weird temporary burn in and darker patches and stuff RoChess CCFL dying? RoChess Ouroboros, no idea, not easy to diagnose visual stuff on irc Ouroboros shrug Ouroboros maybe i will mail their support later theBear burn in on an lcd has nothing to do with the backlighting theBear and for reference any ghosting tends to be caused long before the display end of things, much like with crt screens theBear and their support will say that burn-in can and does occur on lcd screens, albeit over a MUCH longer period of “abuse”, and that the manual you got with it made you aware of this intranick sup Ouroboros theBear: Ouroboros yeah i can do that Ouroboros but how long would i have to power it off?

Ouroboros well there are two things theBear more than the smallest possible measurement of time Ouroboros there is the burn in and then there is the darker areas theBear darker areas? Ouroboros the latter are there basically all the time, its just their intensity varies Ouroboros no, its an IPS with CCFL Ouroboros they are kinda like vertical stripes, but not uniform like that theBear hmmmmmm Ouroboros irc is proof of relativity g0z.

RoChess k, wtf is postage required these days for a letter? Ouroboros my question is, if i mail a letter from point A to point B, but the return address is for point C, where do they return it?


RoChess lol Ouroboros why g0z yeah oldest trick in the book. Ouroboros and the package was torn too g0z theBear: I needed it tight, I would have liked tighter theBear Casper, but that way the lamps are less tight than they woulda been mounted datashee theBear Ouroboros, nah, fedex exist here too, and it’s the same fedex marvimias How does digital synchronization work?


Like if you were to place an image in front of a camera so that it doesn’t record you, using digital sync would not allow for this to happen. Hey Max Planck, make us a better lightbulb. Ouroboros but now i want to know wtf marvimias is talking about Ouroboros but he is probably just trolling theBear heh, i wouldn’t get yer hopes up marvimias english is not my first langauge, so google lr9540 probably fucked up g0z thebear is pissed dataheet yeah, and not the good alcahol induced kind i usually am theBear in reality i’m probly more grumpy than out and out pissed, but still, watch the cut of yer jib Casper theBear: Casper but light instead of a flash theBear heh, when yer a pensioner cheap alcahol gets you much drunker than anything els theBear e particleman72 hairspray gets you messed up theBear hmmm, shouldn’t close-ness be irrelevant or at least undesirable in something like that?

D theBear heh, i coulda said that a few datasheeet years ago blown how are they particleman72 they are fine theBear how do you like it?

A cheese and baguette tour of France. And a barge through the Loire. They take datashete cards Batmanisback hi everyone particleman72 hahah Batmanisback particleman I couldn’t figure out how to verify, so I just went off and back on! P particleman72 its a kde linux app particleman72 o i love drugs Batmanisback I’m not a linux fan, Windows 4 Life particleman72 ahhh Batmanisback anyway ur9540 you know much of electronics?

I’m not black but my clothes are and police still hate me, maybe it’s just like bulls and red Viper they see black and go into a rage Batmanisback dammit particleman72 sup Viper should add people wearing datwsheet to the do not profile list: P particleman72 they do the same to me when i go out naked Batmanisback why is viper talking about police all of a suddon?

Batmanisback Anybody here datasheey is a pro with electric transformers? Batmanisback ooh i see.

Batmanisback how dare you fuck with the batman. Batmanisback lol Batmanisback how the fuck did you do that narrating thingy madist what about the transformer? Batmanisback trying to build it without any additional sources.

Batmanisback something like that particleman72 madist anybody who follows me is liable to get shot. I don’t see the connection between an arduino and a taser. Batmanisback madist, yes arduino is necessaryas it is manipulated with PC for ordering the shock particleman72 datasheer the pkot thickens particleman72 plot Batmanisback yet, im not doing any input on arduino, so it will be fine?

Batmanisback it’s just getting that high voltage thing now. Batmanisback will this transformer do the trick? Batmanisback for the high voltage. Batmanisback with the 5V going through, i’m expecting volts? Batmanisback particleman, wanna see my circuit? Batmanisback the arduino only provides 5V output particleman72 i know that particleman72 get your voltage somewhere else Batmanisback yes, but I want to try to do this without any additional sources. Batmanisback particleman72, yes kind of.

Batmanisback yea, basicly got it from darasheet guy on youtube, credits go to him, yet i’m struckling with the transformer. Batmanisback he made his own transformer, particleman72 particleman72 you are going to kill someone particleman72 you need a step up transformer Batmanisback yes, indeed Batmanisback but which one?