Linux Advanced Routing Tutorial .. [router] ~ # cat /etc/iproute2/rt_tables # # reserved values # local main default 0 unspec. iproute2 is a collection of userspace utilities for controlling and monitoring various aspects of NetEm – Network Emulator · Linux networking commands using iproute2 – Tutorial for configuring IP address, Routing table, Neighbour table etc. IPROUTE2 Utility Suite Howto This docvumentation covers the ip utility from IPROUTE2. This utility is This includes all of the utilities in the IPROUTE2 suite.

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For the RDS table: This option to ip neighbour does not change the neighbour state if the entry was valid and the address has not been changed by this command. This command has the iprokte2 arguments as show. N is number in the range Apart from reducing fragmentation in tunnels like in example above, this is also used to increase performance of gigabit ethernet links that support so called “jumbo frames” frames up to bytes large.

If the interface is loopback, the rule matches only packets iprokte2 by this host. WANaddress A label must start with the interface name followed by a colon due to some backwards compatibility issues, otherwise you’ll get an error. We first cover the case where we are deleting the ip address from the interface. The most known example is MAC address for ethernet devices.

The matching IP address responds and then the local computer knows where to send information to that IP address. Mark an interface inactive or bring down an interface, equivalent of ifconfig eth0 down. This option may be repeated to increase the verbosity level of the output.


There are more, such as ss netstat replacement, fairly straightforwardtc QoS managementbut documenting them in this style, especially tc, would be a separate big project.

By using the table we have we can create a few rules that will serve our purpose. We will begin by explaining where to obtain the utility collection and how to compile it.

Linux Advanced Routing Mini HOWTO

Views Read Edit View history. This number uniquely identifies the interface. Each of these networks has their own router and their own IP address space that we need to use. Use mdy dates from May Articles containing potentially dated statements from December All articles containing potentially dated statements All stub articles.

Equalize works only if the appropriate kernel configuration option is chosen or if the kernel is patched. So if we had just placed a default route into our table and we then start router discovery we will find that our route is not being used unless we coded the protocol.

Note that on the stop routine we first check to make sure we are not dealing with legacy aliased devices. Even if you have not configured any rules, “from all lookup main” rules are initialized by default. After this procedure is completed, we know what realm the packet arrived from and the realm where it is going to propagate to.

We stressed that if you will be using ip route to add routes to the tables that you code them with protocol static to enable the kernel to know that they are valid static routes. We can print off the current routing table by typing: For IPv6 rules, use “ip -6”, the rest of the syntax is the same.


Task-centered iproute2 user guide

In this case Linux performs “dead gateway detection” as controlled by neighbour unreachability detection and references from the transport protocols to select the working router thus the ordering of the routes is not essential. Recent kernel and iproute2 versions also support gretap over IPv6, you need to replace the mode with “ip6gretap” to create an IPv6-based link.

Keyed tunnels can be tutoriaal at the same time to unkeyed too. Monitor all events You may either call the command without parameters or explicitly specify “all”. Combining all of these needs we get the following script. Otherwise, iproufe2 RPDB program continues on to the next rule.

One may want to disable ARP to enforce a security policy and allow only specific MACs to communicate with the interface. We will now cover some of the basics of using the ip utility within scripts.

Continuous monitoring of this data requires a user level daemon to sample the output periodically. We can add an address to a device by typing: Create the routes and rules. This command manages the route entries within the kernel routing tables.

IPv6 has only a single table, however splitting into main, local, and cache is emulated by the ip utility. Install Unity… Share this: These values do not override those contained tutorixl routing tables, they are used only if the route did not select any of those attributes.

Each rule has a pointer to some routing table.