For hexagram 37 to change to hexagram 42 it would be line 3 of hexagram 37 that changes, so hexagram 37 line 3 is what you would read. 37 — The Family — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-SEVEN –. FAMILY. Other titles: Family Life, Clan, Home, Linkage, Dwelling People, The Psyche, “May. El hexagrama 37 es llamado 家人 (chian jen), “El Clan”.

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37: Extended Family

Seek nothing by force. I hadn’t thought of staying at his place because I just don’t know the boy that well. When you are honest with yourself, you become more attractive. We are dominated by everything with which our [ego] becomes identified.

In the end there will be good fortune. What is meant by enlightenment resulting from sincerity is that in which there is no distinction between the Way of Heaven as being great and the nature of man as being small.

As long as he goes forward and does not look back, he escapes this danger. I have paraphrased the Judgment in terms of the necessity of the ego to follow the dictates of the Work, but one could alternately phrase it in terms of keeping emotional responses hexagrrama control. Often the concept of self-control conjures up the image of an emotionless, dry, rigid way of life.


Perhaps I have misinterpreted entirely, If anyone can shed some insight and point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated. Line four is magnetic and in her proper place. Your perseverance in caring will compound to the benefit of the whole group. Quick search excluding the forums: The aim does not change. Reversing individuality’s designating indeed.

That is what this line is all about. I open for readings three or four times per year; you can sign up here to be notified when readings are next available. The above hexagram interpretation is part of iFate’s award winning free online I-Ching readings.

The parents rule the family: Stern severity means that there has been no great failure in the regulation of the family. What bodes well is docile obedience. Wind emerges from fire, members of a family. Anyone else has a view on the meaning of the changing line and hex. Rather than be controlled by emotions hexagdama as love, yearning, or awe, he can control them.

The former, if followed by regret and by the threat of an unwanted quarrel or separation, may bring people to their senses and make them mutually more considerate than hitherto. She should not follow her whims.


James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 37

Since the polarity of the ego is always magnetic in relation to the dynamic Self, hexagram line can also refer to keeping the ego in its proper sphere of influence. At the very beginning of relationships or endeavors, you establish firm roles and well-defined systems, then all will go well. The one you might be in with him? When members of the family speak sharply to one another, the mutual regret and the serious situation which follow may lead to good fortune; but if the women and children take to tittering, misfortune is assured.

All content copyright iFate. Line three is dynamic in a dynamic place. After posting this I googled Online Clarity and found this thread: She should be unassuming in regard to all beyond her sphere, always being firm and correct.

The faithful steward performs hexagrzma same service for public welfare. The time now is For people in the home it is beneficial that the woman be chaste.