The Blood of Christ. Thu, Nov 08, by Harold B Sightler. Series: Pulpit Hour. Dr. Harold B. Sightler. Share. Audio:listendownload · CAN GOD, GOD CAN. Mrs. Harold B. Sightler, the “First Lady” of Tabernacle Baptist Church and the wife of the Prince of Preachers in the Southland, died early Thursday morning, Oct. NAME, SPEAKER, MESSAGE TITLE. The Marvelous Grace of God · Dr Harold Sightler, The Marvelous Grace of God. Handfuls On Purpose · Dr Harold Sightler .

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The Marvelous Grace of God. The Unfinished Work of Christ.

The Zeal Of The Lord. The Call Of Matthew. Barold Spirit – After Rapture. The Judgment Seat of Christ. Last Request Of King David.

The Blood Of Christ. The Doctrine Of Salvation. The Power of God. The Will of God. The Sihtler Hell In Review.


The Productiveness of The Holy Spirit. Three Questions of Isaiah Who Is The Holy Spirit.

All WGCR Messages

Parable of The Tares. The Parable Of Treasure. The Parable Of The Sower. The Judgment Of God. The Land Of Israel. The Value Of Faith.

Harold Sightler – Old Path Sermons

But We See Jesus. Paul’s Three I Ams. Something’s That Disturb Me. Lessons From 2nd Corinthians. Romans 3 – The Way Of Justification. Romans 4 – Justification. Romans 5 – The Results Of Justification.

The Six Parts Of Sonship. Baptists Are Not Protestant. Remove Not The Ancient Landmark. The Sovereignty Of God – Election.

Season Of Sin – LP. The Four Horsemen Of Revelation 6.

Sermons from Dr Harold Sightler

The Four Hallelujahs – LP. Can God – LP. The New Testament Rapture. Tares Among The Wheat. Revival In The Boneyard.

The Pearl Of Great Price. Prepare To Meet Thy God. The Fall Of Adam. Signtler On James Part 1. Commentary On James Part 2. Commentary On James Part 3. Commentary On James Part 4. Commentary On James Part 5.


The Invasion Of Israel. I Will Allure Her. I Will Come Again. Uarold Lordship Of Jesus. What Happened At Pentecost. The Grace Of God. The Power Of God. Who And What Are Fundamentalists. The Romance Of Redemption.

The Sons Of Jacob. Add To Your Faith. Why Did Adam Fall. The Church A Body. Who Is The Holy Ghost. Video – Preach The Word. Commentary On Hebrews 1Through 2: Commentary On Hebrews 3: Commentary On Hebrews 5 Through 6: Commentary On Hebrews 6: Commentary On Hebrews 7. Commentary On Hebrews 8 Through 9: Commentary On Hebrews 9: Commentary On Hebrews