Haile Selassie and the Concept of Enlightenment–the Supreme Overstanding: Baba Kali Bhujangi: : Books. Read a free sample or buy Haile Selassie and the Concept of Enlightenment–the Supreme Overstanding by Baba Kali Bhujangi. You can read. 16,00, excl. shipping costs. “The book is a bless-ed word sound, defining and unveiling the Perennial Oneness within the myriad of paths to Self. A must have for.

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I wanted my last thread to conclude my comments on this forum. The arguments of many participants seems to go in circles instead of taking a trajectory of progress even though this seems to have improved since some Eritrean participants left the forum. I certainly don’t miss their vulgar circles. Whoever this guy called Misraq is, his flattery this week by nominating Naga Tuma for ER’s Award for enlightenment for tells me some of my original observations didn’t fall on deaf ears after all.

And I think that is my best original contributions on this forum.

Enlightenment is one of the important things that hailw the enlightened students from Haile Selassie, Menghistu Hailemariam, and Meles Zenawi’s era can meet. I suspect Misraq is from Enlkghtenment Selassie era students.

I am from Menghistu Hailemariam era students. And apparently, he must have learned from enlightening comments of a Menghistu Hailemariam era student to nominate him for an enlightenment award of ER for Last edited by Naga Tuma on Sat Dec 20, Gheta Amharic Goitom Tigrigna Thank halle in advance for giving your best definitions.

Last edited by Naga Tuma on Sat Dec 20, 6: And i am sure many will find it too except those fanatic and tribalism OLFites who wants you to be added in their amhara bashing bandwagon. Yes my posts were often reactive but lately, that has changed since all the annoying and trouble making Eritreans vacated this forum. Accept it or not, people like me and hawdian contributed to that. Some sector of society in the region think that they have license to insult, mock and belittle others.

You can do that when you are well off or well to do and get away with it. But, you can’t do that when you are in a glass house. So we don’t see shabian cadres here anymore. Because the mocking and the jokes we put on them hurts them pf than anyone.


Those who run to insult others are those who are vulnerable to it so that logic made them disappear. Mr halafi answered your question effectively.

Both Haileselassie and Mengistu were despots who only care for themselves and may be people hte them. So they both fall from grace wit disgrace.

No one tried to rescue them, or cry for them since they are not missed. TPLF used a fear tactic on them Tigrayans to use them as soldiers and enabled them to get richer and richer. Even though this strategy may prolong the power of TPLF, its fall from grace will be a bloody one as they don’t know the simmering hate the rest of the population is incubating on them.


So, their short time glory will be changed to an eternal isolation, mistrust and animosity.

One way or another, the table will turn and the day of reckoning will come where the victims of TPLF will be begged for mercy. Regarding Gofta, Goita and Getta, we are all afro-asiatic language families. But, only me and you say that. Knowing yourself and accepting who you are without any form of hallucination is the cure that can help spring you to super-stardom at any position you are in now.

They fear the idea of rational discussion and enlightenment simply because they feel they will be decoded. So whenever the net is closing on them they disrupt everything and spew nothing but profanity, insults, cheap shots and just trolls.

The reason for that is they swlassie behind these things. If gives them excuses to concluded the discussion and thus runaway from the truth. That is why they all disappeared when we hit them hard with pure facts.

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The dislike people unearthing their Tigray past or ancestry. It is like confronting Jews about the Holocaust. You know you will be dubbed by their media conncept a holocaust denier. They are lucky we didn’t cyber chop their right hand and left leg Having said that I was never a fan tye the short white boy Haile Selassie that resembled Nicki Minaj.

Some of my friends mostly Gurage go crazy over him. We always have an argument. Mengistu was an angry man who had to fight a whole system in a disastrous era.

He had so many tthe on his plate its not even funny. There is no time for enlightenment. There were wars going on in almost every direction. He was denied all his life like Kebessa and thus he was a ruthless man but never tribalist. Some people mistaken his nepotism selassje attitude of being selfish but not true.

We live in an era where the wrongful is the right one and the insane is the sane one. Where the likes of Ethoash are leaders and professors Ras.

backside haile selassie i and the concept of enlightenment Pictures, Images & Photos | Photobucket

Brother Naga, your sarcasm aside, i do find your posts enlightening. Naga, The ‘Eritreans’ often disrupted the forum for a very good reason. I grew up hearing the word Gofta. My best and short definition of it, based on what is in my memory of it from childhood up to now, is that Gofta means a generous, wise, and perhapscourages person. Please all of you enlightened Boranas out there, come up with a better definition of the word Gofta.


I would be particularly interested to see how the Borana scholar yaballo defines it.

Haile Selassie the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah

So, I will make a call again. Please define these words in the best way you can: I have given my simple definition. I also referred to Afan Oromo dictionaries and here is how Gofta is defined. Tilahun Gamta’s Oromo-English dictionary: Getting back to the crucial question, now let me start from what I know. Advancement of Science and Enlightenment are natural consequences of education, according to my understanding. Do you see the difference between Gofta and Waqa? The moment you see the difference, if you have, is a moment for enlightenment.

If you already knew the difference clearly in your faculty without getting a formal education, that means you didn’t need science for that moment. DefendTheTruth, The distinction here between Gofta and Waqa reminds me a statement you wrote recently: If you remember the context within which this statement is used, it actually is in emphasis to the understanding of the clear distinction between Gofta and Waqa.

I agree with you that Waqa as our people understand it can be equated to the Almighty. For me, understanding that distinction can be an example of enlightenment, which is again the main topic of this thread. Here is an answer that I got from Yahoo Answers about the difference between science and enlightenment: The enlightment changed the way people thought while the scientific changed the way people did things. But now the question is what is the fertile ground the two can grow on and flourish very well?

If I read the above quote again, I find for example the expression like “it enlightenment infected the minds of the educated classes with a serenity of outlook, and a trust in human capacities, that weathered the assaults of Hume’s scepticism, of Vice’s anti-rationalism, of the growing introversion and doom-laden mysticism of the romantics”. So don’t you think for advancement of the two conepts enlightenment and scienceand thereby perhaps also transform the society that is possibly traped by “scepticism”, “anti-rationalism”, “introversion” and “mysticism” the quote is talking about the needed base work is the availability of educated minds?

And if you think that could be right, then can you see the validity of our own people’s trust in education expressed in the saying ” bari, ifa argi ” know and see enlightenment? Naga Tuma, thank you for making the distinction between Enlightenment und Science, it helps to understand the two conepts better.