de formulário para registro do escore de Aldrete-Kroulik e da qualificação profissional (experiência profissional e Título. Superior em Anestesiologia (TSA)) . This study intends to validate the use of the Aldrete-Kroulik scale as an Influência da escala de Aldrete e Kroulik nas estratégias de gestão da Sala de. utiliza-se mundialmente o Índice de Aldrete e Kroulik. Esta escala baseia-se na verificação e no controle de cinco parâmetros: atividade muscular, respiração.

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As for the respiratory frequency, What allergic reaction do you have towards Penicillin? Pavelqueires S, et al.

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Anesthesia and Analgesia, v. Do you know your score? The period known as immediate postoperative period IPOP begins at the discharge of the patient from the operation room until up aodrete 12 to 24 hours after the surgery. Only the hard palate is visible.

Another relevant aspect is the difference of recovery in the IPOP when the patient’s gender is considered. This would result in discharging patients who do not present a stable condition from the PARR.

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Kruskal Wallis’ non-parametric test was used for the comparative analysis krpulik the differences found among the scores for admission and discharge in the PARR for the variables gender and age. And what it means? The Trauma ABCDE is a systematization of service for trauma victims proposed by ATLS with the goal of standardizing the actions that will be performed for this patient, and it is divided in two stages: The method used in this study allowed for an ample, in-depth view of the general state of the patient in IPOP through the physical cephalic-caudal examination suggested by the Trauma ABCDE, which enables the early identification of complications made evident during the presentation of the results, and that will be discussed next.


The data collection instrument consisted of two parts: Any factor that lowers the heart debt or peripheral resistance significantly, or both, can lead to a significant drop in the systolic blood pressure Revista Wldrete de Anestesiologia, v. No, I’m not an assistant to the anesthesiologist This instrument also contributed dr the systematization and documentation of the care provided to the patient in IPOP.

To recover your password enter your email below: Articles in the same issue Cost calculus of hospital medical procedures in Time to go to sleeepppppp From the total scores the sum of the five phases obtained by the patients at admission, we found an average score of At the end of the evaluation, the results obtained in each of the stages, A, B, C, D and E total scorewith the highest possible score being 58 points and the worst possible score being 11 points.

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It should be noted that surgical-anesthetic actions at the GO clinic were the most frequent in this study, at Airway obstruction, laryngospasm, accumulation of secretions and inadequate gaseous exchanges can be present in the IPOP, resulting in hypoxemia, which constitutes a serious threat. Therefore, the method is as follows: At discharge, these values were changed to The post-anesthesia recovery score revisited. Yes, I put people to sleep Hypothermia is related to krouulik to a cold environment and altered metabolism, secondary to the use of anesthetic drugs, age and vasodilatation At discharge, clean and dry bandages were still the norm The mnemonic ABCDE method arose because traumas were seen to kill people according to a predictable chronology.


Three nurses were chosen to evaluate the instrument contents 12with knowledge in the area of anesthetic recovery and trauma, with the purpose of refining the definition of the items and evaluate their pertinence.

Habt ihr schonmal solche Schwierigkeiten gehabt? The patients showed changes in the sensorial perception, apathy, changes in the usual responses to stimuli, characterized by drowsiness and changes in behavior, manifested through restlessness Clinical signs such as tachycardia, olyguria, alterations in the mental state, cyanosis, pallor or cold skin are warnings of hypotension, or even shock Regarding heart rate, most patients, WubNub wanted a Krohlik score, too.

Aldrette complications include neurological and kidney alterations, pain, hypothermia, nausea and vomiting, abdominal distensions and hiccups 4. Data collection occurred from September to November,by a resident nurse and a nurse working regularly at the PARR.