uClinux CD-Rom, the text and graphics used in this manual, its cover, CD-Rom artwork, . The ethernet controller is mapped off the ColdFire CSB0 chip select, and is checks for file type and executes the OS image from FLASH ROM. The MCF device performs the full set of IEEE /Ethernet CSMA/CD media .. MCFUM ColdFire Integrated Microprocessor User Manual .. Default filename and filetype parameters are manipulated using the SET and SHOW. CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers Vx ColdFire Build Tools Reference Manual, Rev. April 15, 2 Expand the C/C++ General tree control and select the File Types option. c. _5

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All you do is provide a few port-specific macros for blink rate and LED access. This mechanism is If during the transfer of the new file something causes the target to restart, then TFS can recover by clearing out the partially transferred “new” file and re-installing the stale one.

It must be unique for all Ethernet controllers present on a given subnet. Configuration is done by loading the BSDL files in the right order.

The tool can be used to create a default config file that contains a verbose example of what a real config file should look like. If you debug without a proper FLASH declaration for these sectors an unintended erase or write operation may result in a bus error or something similar.

As a result, the goto ABC command would jump to the matching tag closest to the top of the file. Are you physically connected to the correct serial port on your target system some targets have more than one connector?

Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide

Note that you filwtype t need to enter a password for this because you are moving to user level 2 from a higher user level 3. The most obvious way is to simply use gzip on the host, transfer the file to TFS on the target, then use a script to unzip the content of the file to its destination location in RAM.


Putting each of these into a separate shell variable allows the user to easily construct a script that can be version specific No More Per-Port app Directory Prior to umon1. The only caveat with Xmodem aside from the speed is the byte minimum block size; however this is actually only a problem on the receiving host side because on the MicroMonitor side, there are options to the Xmodem command that tell it where to chop off the last block prior to saving to a file. We ve become familiar with how MicroMonitor starts up, establishing and expecting shell variables during startup.

This is similar to the example of section 4. The address assignment is based on the settings in the corresponding configuration registers of the CPU. Even with all else the same, the polarity on the connector may be opposite that of your target hardware.

Refer to section pm man page. Just don t forget the passwords! The if command line 13 uses the t ngc test for not-gotachar option to see if a character has been typed on the console. The right hand side of the filetyep shows the improvement provided by TFS s per-section decompression.

So, how does MicroMonitor distinguish between executable and non-executable or between autobootable and non-autobootable? The foldfire give you ample flexibility, but you need to be cautious. Loop 0 Loop 1 Loop 2 Loop 3 33 Just in case you re not familiar with it.

Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide – PDF

This is changed so fuletype the match is further qualified by whitespace or a colon after the tag in the file. Each of these is the one-way encrypted string that represents the password for a user level. Several monitor utilities use the content of this address as a starting point for what the monitor considers to be “scratch memory when no application is active.


If you see the h, then you can already rest easy because this means that the target received the character and echoed cooldfire back to you; hence, two-way connectivity is working! General C commands are applied across microcontroller families as opposed More information. If you leave the flash programming script unchanged, you can always replace it colfdire its most current version.

Since the first time use of target may require MAC address configuration, it also walked through that process. The tfs cfg command modifies umon s internal TFS configuration space in flash, so this is a one-time deal; however, if you have the image binary, you can reload the monitor and then filety;e the tfs cfg once again.

The MicroMonitor source can be configured to enable or disable this backdoor mechanism Wrap-Up First of all, to avoid any possibility of forgetting the passwords, now is a good time to fipetype the. The u indicates that the file is unreadable below the specified user level. The moncmd server in MicroMonitor will also store the IP address and port of the most recent client interaction.

Application Note Flash.

Each section is copied to some destination address in ram. For each of the entries, the actual MAC and IP addresses used will depend on your network, so it is very unlikely that you will use this exact example. Autoboot monrc This is a special case autobootable the monitor s run-control filethat is automatically executed as a script prior to the monitor s Ethernet driver being initialized; hence, environment variables established in the monrc file are used by the driver initialization.