A Christian Bahira legend. Richard Gottheil. Published Online: | DOI: Bahira or Sergius the Monk to the Latin West, was an Arab Arian, Nestorian or possibly Gnostic In the Christian tradition Bahira became a heretical monk, whose errant views inspired the Qur’an. K. Szilágyi, Muhammad and the Monk: The Making of the Christian Baḥīrā Legend, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam A Christian Bahira legend. Main Author: Gottheil, Richard J. H. Language(s): English. Published: New York, Note: Reprint from Zeitschrift für.

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A Christian Bahira Legend

Its Syriac text is corrupt in all three manuscripts used for the edition of ES, and WS contains no parallel to it. The Ishmaelites were uncivilized and simple christiwn the wild asses of the wilderness. I shall now try to trace when and why it was connected to the life of Sergius. Volume 40 Issue Janpp.

A Christian Bahira legend. (Book, ) []

In a passage at the beginning of Mhowever, the narrator says in all the synoptic versions that the Arabs called the monk Bah. He added many minor details which make it more vivid. This introduction is meant to explain why Sergius was welcomed by the Arabs, and, rather like the investi- gation section in ES, serves to enhance the historical verisimilitude of the ensuing story.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. In the year of Alexander, son of Philip, king of the Romans, the Arabs slew their king. I answered him, “Let the will of God, the Most High, be bahjra. The process of the development of M from its building blocks was probably gradual83 and occurred under the in uence of the oral culture of eastern Christianity.


Bahira – Wikipedia

The disputation of Bahiar of Tiberias is also preserved in two distinct recensions; cf. He mentions Sergius, and his whole account is very similar to one contained in the following pages.

Back Mesopotamia Egypt Anatolia. I am a Christian.

All kings and peoples will come. This then was the prophecy of Rabban Sargis, who prophecied in regard to them and related all the things which will come to pass. Gottheil Then I saw a great serpent. But why- should they be called the “sons of Sufyan” or “sons of Sarpln”? These probably stem from the same monk copyist of the legend. John 13, 14; 15; 27 etc. Because the earth will be fhristian and filled by them, God will give over the kingdom of the sons of Hashem into the hands of Mahdi son of Fatma.

The other imaginable scenario, that the section was borrowed from similar Christian stories about a Christian meeting and instructing Muh. Volume 32 Issue Janpp. The quotation is at the christiwn of this section. When the bishops, priests, and leaders of Beth Armaye heard of me, they drove 1 me from place to place.

Sefer Divrei Yosef, p. A similar passage appears also in Christiab pp. Whence dost thou know of him? Seat thyself among them and say, ‘this day baahira Lord will send 3 you from heaven a great book, laws and statutes, by which you shall be guided all your life’. That Islam is a Christian heresy is only implied by the Christian Bah.

On the day of the appearance of our Lord, and the end of his coming, all shall be filled with terror. He will creep upon the earth, will swallow and destroy without compassion. Cities will be overturned upon their inhabitants.


The Ikhshide dynasty founded by Mohammed al Ikhshld was made up of five kings — Volume 91 Issue 1 Janpp. As the lion breaks all that comes in its way, so will he of the lion not leave before him any who oppose him.


A maiden [and] without copulation? I heard the songs of the angels praising the Ancient of Days, with much praise and immeasurable pains.

I went and did as the angel had said to me. Volume 69 Issue 2 Janpp. The God who has made heaven and earth, light and dark- ness, seas and rivers, fowl of heaven, animals, wild beasts and all things that are upon the earth; all mankind, to- gether with the angels 1 of light, and spirits who bahir and praise him 2 and cry out: He is the messenger be- fore the Messiah. It is hard to tell to lfgend Sergius reference is made.

Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. He said to me, this is the kingdom of the Ro- mans who will rule at the end of all the kingdoms of the world. Throughout most of A2, Bah. I have translated the reading of D. Ms Sachau 10 is older than the preceding by at least to years.