2. Robert G. Cooper, Winning at New Products, Perseus Publishing, Massachusetts, 3. Andrzej Pomykalski, Zarządzanie innowacjami, PWN, Warszawa. Współczesne tendencje zarządzania organizacjami poprzez innowacje. Article · January with Wydział Organizacji i Zarządzania Andrzej Pomykalski. Andrzej Pomykalski and others published Integration processes in managing Procesy integracyjne w zarządzaniu innowacjami w regionie.

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The aim of the course is: The emphasis is on practical application of tools and techniques available in this field. Student will become familiar with the project management processes 2.

Student will be able to create a project plan schedule, budget, work breakdown structure 3. Student will have a background for risk analyzes in a project 4.

Pomykalski, Andrzej

Student will learn how to manage project changes 5. Student will list and classify innovations 6. Student will analyze the processes of innovation, 7.


Student will seek out and identify sources of innovation, 8. Student will organize the processes associated with the introduction of new product 9. Student will use the correct language of innovation.

Zarządzanie innowacjami – Andrzej Pomykalski – Google Books

Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 will be verified by attendance during the lectures. All effects will be verified through a sample project defined by the lecturer and to be executed zarzdzaine the students in groups.

Learning outcomes 5, 9 written exam The mark is given as innowachami Course participants listen to the lectures, take part in tutorials and participate in the project. The following are the most important topics covered during the lectures: How to bid on a project 2.

Preparation of a project plan work breakdown structure, schedule and budget. Project execution phase 4.

Selection and motivation of the project team 5. Risk analysis in a project 6. Control of the costs, schedule and quality.


Pomykalski, Andrzej [WorldCat Identities]

Terminology and Models jnnowacjami. What Separates the Winners from the losers? The New Product Game Defining the Product Concept and Specifying the Product Testing the Product and Strategy