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In high fishing season— April through May and from September to December—an astounding variety o f fish follow seasonal migration patterns through the channels that connect these waters. From the Mediterranean these fish pass into the Aegean and Marmara seas, through the Bosphorus and into the plankton-rich Black Sea.

Here they spend the summer, returning to southern waters in early September.

The Black Sea holds no attraction for these members o f the species; they move only short distances between the Marmara and Aegean shores and back again to deeper waters when temperatures drop. If you prefer shore-fishing pxsiner are several areas within the city where you can cast your line. As an amateur you can also drop your line or a gill net from a boat and pull in different kinds o f bottom fish such as red mullet, common sole dilplaice pisistnped red mullet tekirand red gurnard.

Professional fishing is permitted between Paslner and March and prohibited from April through August when fish are spawning. As in most parts of the world, the best time to catch fish is when they are feeding— at sunrise and sunset.


And if you have left your fishing gear at home, you can buy hook line and lure, and even rent a boat, from one of the locals for a nominal fee. A t the height of fishing season, the vanety o f fish which can be found in the Marmara Sea is astounding.

Each species of fish requires from both the amateur and the professional a unique fishing tactic. And, o f course, each fish has its own special taste.

Balik ve Olta

Among the most delicious o f the fish alu the Marmara Sea are the red and striped mullet, sole, plaice, striped sea bream and red gurnard.

The first four o f these fish are generally caught with a gill o r masked net while the latter two can be caught with either a net o r baited fishing line. Grilled or prepared in a cold oil dish called pilaki a,i white meat o f all these fish is very tasty. The brown meagre, also known as a rock bass, can be found in caves o r on rocky bottoms and is most easily caught with shrimp or mussel bait.

The best bait to passiner for its cousin, the sea bass levrek is a spoon lure. Served with mayonnaise o r steamed it is one o f the great delicacies from the Marmara Sea. Some o f the Black Sea fish which can be caught in the Marmara during the migration season are the anchovy hamsiturbot kalkan and cod mezgit.

The anchovy moves in large schools and is often served as an appetizer in restaurants. It is usually caught with nets, a many-hooked line o r a hand-net while the turbot often requires a trawl net. The fish which present the greatest challege to the fisherman are the bluefish and the bluefish tunny. The former is a powerful, agressive fish and it’s not uncommon to break a line when fishing for it. The bluefish tunny can reach weights up to kilos and is caught with a purse seine net using bonito, chub or mackeral as bait.


Generally the meat from this fish is canned. Special care should also be taken when fishing for the scorpion iskorpit and the lipsos as both have poisonous spikes. Once caught, alli delicious soup and pilaki made with their meat is worth all the risk. Unfortunately, many fish are becoming extinct in the Marmara Sea.

Marmara Denizi Balıkları Ve Avcılığı – Skylife

The astonishing variety o f species in the seas around Istanbul are a powerful inducement to the professional and amateur fishermen alike.

I have only mentioned a sampling o f what you may discover on the other end o f your line if you cast it into the Marmara Sea. For those who have yet to develop a passion for fishing, you will never be disappointed when you select one o f the Marmara fish for your seafood entree.